Where is the largest electricity consumption at home?

Due to continued increases in the price of energy, especially electricity in the United States in recent years, it is necessary to find out where the largest electricity consumption at home to try to reduce electricity costs without reducing energy comfort the House. The first step to find out where more electricity is consumed is to have the detailed electric bills of at least the last month or last year. To make a proper study must look at the consumption (kWh) and not the price paid in where in addition to changes in consumption also reflects the increases in energy prices.

The monthly energy consumption can be seen graphically in the history of consumer normally energy trading companies typically included in the electricity bill. Once you have extracted the consumption of each month we make a small table or graph to know how is the distribution of our consumption, if it is constant throughout the year and focuses on the winter or summer. This will give us clues about where our higher consumption at home.

The second step is to make a list of all electrical appliances we have at home, number and type of lights, heater, oven, stove, air conditioner, washing machine, dishwasher, iron, etc … the list is added to the power of each of the apparatus and the estimated number of hours that are running for 1 week, for example, so that one frame is constructed as follows:


Apparatus Estimated power Time weekly use Weekly consumption (kWh) Weekly cost ($)*
Air Conditioning 5kW 15h 75kWh 11,25
Heating 5kW 15h 75kWh 11,25
Heater 2kW 20h** 40kWh 6
Refrigerator 0,4kW 40h** 16kWh 2,4
Electric cooker 1,2kW 7h 8,4kWh 1,26
Washer 2kW 3h 6kWh 0,90
Oven 2kW 2h 4kWh 0,60
Iron 1kW 3h 3kWh 0,45
Stoves, TV, computer, vacuum cleaners, microwave, lights, fans, etc.

* Consumption has estimated a price of 0.15 $ / kWh (this must be added the term power, electricity tax and VAT).

** It has been estimated the time the units are at full power, the rest of the time absorb a minimum power to maintain conditions, ie if we open much the fridge will take longer to cool food, if we use more hot water heater it will be longer running.

With this information, you can perform a calculation of electricity consumption and the result is observed which devices or appliances with greater consumption of electricity in your home at different time periods established and from that time are can determine if convenient to take saving measures and energy efficiency.

If consumption of your home is approximately constant throughout the year, you can choose a week of normal use, but if varies during the seasons (for air conditioning or heating), then you should make a table for each period weather. In this way you will know where it is the largest electricity consumption in each time period.

Typically without it fits all cases, increased consumption of electricity in an apartment of 100m2 with all electrical appliances usually in heating, air conditioning, heater or stove / oven, depending on the use made of each from them. To control the usage time of the electric heater can be used timers that control the periods of time the heater must have hot water, adapted to your needs, so you can minimize your use and therefore its cost.

Sometimes, if the lighting is not energy efficient or appliances they are not class A can leave surprises after this study. So it is advisable to perform this exercise (this is a simple energy audit of your apartment) to discover what the real situation of each household consumption.

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