Electricity is a natural interaction that originates from the elementary particles that make up atoms …

Yeah, well, this is fine, but the truth, today, we have little interest in investigating the origins of electricity, something so obvious and part of our lives almost without realizing it. We would see if we missed it, then yes, of course, and we also realize when to quarter, come the electricity bills home and see how the spending it has increased considerably … That’s when we build awareness the overspending of electricity, but, why spend so much? And you will wonder … What can I do to save more?

How to save electricity

Currently, the use of electricity is essential for much of our activities, if not all. With the simple gesture of push buttons, we get light, heat, cold, image or sound, and because of the ease with which we can use, there are times when we forget the great value of and used inappropriately.

The essential use of electricity, does not allow us stop and think about the importance and benefits of using it efficiently, but the energy savings will not only affect very positively to our pockets, but equal also to reduce fuel consumption by avoiding turn the emission of polluting gases into the atmosphere.

Here we are how, with small daily gestures, and far from being synonymous with sacrifice or reduce our standard of living, yes encourage greater efficiency in the use of electricity, protection of the family economy and the preservation of our natural environment.
Lighting: Although winter is inevitable, we must take advantage as much as possible the use of natural light. Essential not leave the lights on in spaces or rooms that are not going to be or use often, we forget to turn off the lights when we leave any of them. As advice, the use of light-colored walls and curtains, do we need less artificial light. Install dimmers and light bulbs, will very positively.
Appliances: The refrigerator, television, oven, hob and washing machines consume more than we think. Small gestures like not leaving the door open longer than necessary or ensure that we have closed well the refrigerator, turn off prematurely appliances to use the heat at the end of the preparation in oven or hob or fill the washer when putting, will ease our pocket.
The “Stand by“: As for electronics, the famous stand-by takes the cake. We refer to that red television pilot once off. It is a dead consumer much space on our bill, and usually do not pay attention. Not only on television. This waste energy costs us so much money after all the years also leak plugs, air conditioning, computers, chargers, audio … The simple act of unplugging these devices help to significantly save electricity.

Thus, with these small daily guidelines, we will contribute in improving both our domestic economy and environmental sustainability.

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